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    Staying committed to "Bringing Green Power to Life" and "Continuously improving the living environment of human beings.,” GCL SI has applied the world's leading PV technology and high-quality PV products to home life by rolling out GCL Sunshine. GCL Sunshine boasts a solid industrial chain, excellent R&D and design capability, perfect one-stop service, and real-time cloud sharing, which enable it to provide clean energy for society and bring considerable economic benefits to users.

    Advantages of GCL Sunshine Home Solar Power Generation

    Advantages of GCL Sunshine Products

    Models of GCL Sunshine Home Solar Power Generation System Products

    System model GCL Sunshine 3KW GCL Sunshine 5KW GCL Sunshine 8KW GCL Sunshine 10KW
    System Capacity 3.24kW 5.4kW 8.64kW 10.8kW
    System Designed Service Life 25 years
    Installation Area ≈35m² ≈55m² ≈90m² ≈110m²
    Grid-connected Voltage Single-phase voltage 220VAC Single-phase voltage 220VAC Three-phase voltage 380VAC Three-phase voltage 380VAC
    Annual Power generation About 3600Kwh About 6000Kwh About 9600Kwh About 12000Kwh

    The Application Scope of GCL Sunshine Home Solar Power Generation

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